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Dear Investor,

Let me express my deep respect and welcome you on behalf of "KAZAKH INVEST" National Company" JSC, the national investment promotion agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is one of the largest countries in the world located at the heart of the Eurasian continent. Strategic disposition between Europe, Asia and Middle East grants Kazakhstan a direct access to the major markets of the Eurasian Economic Union, as well as China and the Caspian countries.

One of the key competitive advantages of Kazakhstan is an abundant natural resources base. Our country possesses almost all the elements of the periodic table, as well as a huge potential for the development of renewable energy. In addition, Kazakhstan is among world’s TOP-5 countries in terms of agricultural development potential.

Attracting investments and building long-term partnerships with international investors is among constant priorities for the government of Kazakhstan. Investment projects are provided with comprehensive support which includes both fiscal (subsidies, tax exemptions, etc.) and non-fiscal incentives (land plot, infrastructure).

Therefore, Kazakhstan remains a highly attractive destination for foreign companies, who have invested more than $380 billion to our economy over the past three decades.  

As the unified investment operator providing a full range of services, KAZAKH INVEST stands ready to provide you full support in your investment journey. Please contact us via email or 24-hour call center at +7-7172-620-620.

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Sincerely yours,
Meirzhan Yussupov
Chairman of KAZAKH INVEST 

One-stop-shop for investors
Source of information

National Company KAZAKH INVEST JSC is authorized to implement measures of state support for industrial and innovative activities in the area of attracting investments to the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is a single point of access to the system of public services, including both government support for investors in the form of investment preferences and the issuance of various permits and approvals required for the implementation and further operation of investment projects.

KAZAKH INVEST provides a full range of services on the principle of one-stop-shop for the support of investment projects from idea to implementation.

It is the source of all information required for the investor, providing full information and analytical support for investment activities. Having studied the needs of the investor, it provides recommendations and preliminary consultations. In case of interest, they provide full information about the sectors of interest, measures of state support, identified “niche” projects, potential local partners, etc.

Along with this, KAZAKH INVEST provides joint preparation of investment projects. It also assists domestic initiators in the "packaging" of the identified "niche" projects requiring investment. The “packing” a project means developing a teaser, business plan and financial model of the project in accordance with international standards.

In addition, the 24-hour KAZAKH INVEST call center operates for quick response and comprehensive support to investors. Investors can receive consultations in the Kazakh, Russian, English languages on various questions of implementation of investment projects. At the same time, the call center receives calls and appeals on urgent matters, which require operational assistance.

The call center at 620-620 (1442 - free in Kazakhstan) is open from 9.00 to 18.30, on urgent issues around the clock.

Organization of visits to the regions

Investor support in the regions of Kazakhstan.

National Company KAZAKH INVEST JSC through its own network of regional representatives provides support and assistance in the implementation of investment projects in all regions of Kazakhstan. Potential and current investors are provided with comprehensive support at the local level with the organization of visits to the regions, including meetings with local executive bodies and business representatives (potential partners).

Among the most important services provided by KAZAKH INVEST at the local level: assistance in finding and selecting a land plot, obtaining the required permits (licenses, certificates, etc.), recommendations in choosing a Kazakhstan partner, as well as help in solving issues and concerns arising during the implementation of investment projects. Significant investment projects are monitored by Akimats and included in the Industrialization Map of the respective regions.

Regional representatives of KAZAKH INVEST promote successful interaction of investors with Special Economic Zones (SEZ) and Industrial Zones (IZ), including solving registration issues, obtaining a land plot (structure) with infrastructure and appropriate preferences.


  • One-stop investor relations
  • Consultation and support in obtaining public services
  • Support in obtaining possible subsidies and state support
  • Assisting in the signing of an investment contract with MFA of RK
  • Visa support
  • Preparation of information and analytical materials on industries and legislation
  • Meetings with central and local executive bodies at all levels
  • Search for partners for joint investment projects
  • Accompanying registration as a member of the SEZ and IZ
  • Support in finding funding sources
  • Search and selection of land
  • Support for inclusion in the Business Roadmap (provision of the required infrastructure at the expense of the state)
  • Monitoring of existing enterprises and assistance in solving issues and concerns arising in the course of their investment activities
Assistance in obtaining financing

Being a “one-stop shop” and having developed a wide network of financial organizations, National Company KAZAKH INVEST JSC assists in finding, organizing and structuring transactions for financing investment projects of foreign investors.

In addition to selecting the optimal financial instrument, Kazakh Invest can assist in selecting the optimal financial partner with a full range of financial instruments, including debt and equity financing, as well as other instruments that are most suitable for a particular project.

Today KAZAKH INVEST's partners include:

  • All companies of the quasi-public sector:Astana International Financial Center, Samruk-Kazyna NWF JSC, Baiterek NMH JSC, KazAgro NMH JSC, etc.
  • International financial institutions: World Bank (IFC), Asian Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and other international financial institutions operating in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Second-tier banks and other private international credit and financial institutions.

KAZAKH INVEST on an ongoing basis deals with the search and improvement of approaches to the financing of investment projects in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the selection of the best traditional financial instruments and financing mechanisms, as well as the development of alternative options for expanding the range of affordable financial solutions for the real sector of the economy of Kazakhstan.

Subsidies, grants and incentives

The investment policy of any country as a whole regulates the investment process and creates conditions for sustainable social and economic development of both the entire state and business.

The purpose of state support for investments is to create a favorable investment climate for the development of the economy and stimulate investment in the creation of new, expansion and renewal of existing industries using modern technologies, improving the skills of Kazakhstani personnel, and also protecting the environment.

State support of investments is to grant state preferences and is carried out by the authorized body on investments. Preferences are granted to investors on the basis of an investment contract concluded between the Investment Committee of the Ministry for Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the legal entity of the Republic of Kazakhstan implementing the investment project.

To obtain government preferences, an investor must submit an application for investment preferences to the authorized investment body (Investment Committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan).

National Company Kazakh Invest JSC provides full support to investors in the preparation and implementation of investment projects, including consultations, assistance in interacting with government agencies, providing information required for an investor to make decisions.

Investors may be granted the following types of preferences: exemption of import from customs duties and VAT, state natural grant, tax preferences (CIT, land and property tax), investment subsidy.

Assistance in obtaining permits and other public services

E-Government Portal

The e-government portal was created to simplify the procedures for the provision of public services to the public on the one-stop shop principle. A single point of access to all information resources of state bodies: an open dialogue with the authorities, confidentiality, the establishment of direct and reverse interaction of a citizen with government bodies.

The basis for creating an e-government web portal is the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 10, 2004 No. 1471 “On the state program of forming an e-government in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2005-2007. The e-government portal has been functioning since 2006.

E-government portal for the needs of citizens and business:

  • If a citizen creates a family, the portal is useful to:
    • apply for marriage registration, register a change of name;
    • find the required information about maternity leave and benefits;
    • obtain a certificate and certificate of birth of a child;
    • submit a document on the appointment of benefits and payments for the birth of a child;
    • register the child on the line to public kindergarten
  • If a citizen plans to open a business, the portal is useful to:
    • register your business;
    • get a certificate of a registered legal entity, branch and representative office;
    • find useful information on licensing, customs services and the export / import of goods in Kazakhstan;
    • apply for and obtain an electronic license for their activities.
  • How to become an e-government portal user?

Electronic Digital Signiture (EDS) is required to ensure information security and the legitimacy of transactions. EDS is issued when contacting the Public Service Centers.


NC KAZAKH INVEST JSC provides comprehensive support to foreign investors from the moment of the first contact up to the project implementation phase. After becoming familiar with the investment opportunities of Kazakhstan and the potential of the relevant industry, KAZAKH INVEST assists to choose a reliable Kazakhstani company that can partner with a specific project, if necessary.

This process can be carried out in two directions.

On the one hand, KAZAKH INVEST regularly collects projects of Kazakhstani companies requiring investments ("niche projects"), works through each project with the applicant for compliance with international standards. A teaser, business plan and financial model are developed for each project jointly with the participation of partner organizations Deliotte and PricewaterhouseCoopers. These ready-made niche projects of Kazakhstani applicant companies are offered to foreign investors during negotiations. In case of interest, KAZAKH INVEST organizes negotiations of the Kazakh and foreign parties in Kazakhstan or abroad.

On the other hand, often foreign investors themselves have a potential project and initiative for which KAZAKH INVEST, using the resources of central state and local executive bodies, as well as its own extensive network of regional representatives selects a suitable partner with impeccable reputation, required resources and competencies.

Post-investment support

For effective implementation and support of investment projects, KAZAKH INVEST conducts post-investment monitoring of projects and provides support during the implementation of projects, including after the launch of investment projects.

All appeals of investors of any nature to the actions and omissions of state bodies are registered and considered within the framework of the investment ombudsman with the involvement of the relevant state bodies.

The mechanism for the consideration of investors' complaints within the framework of the investment ombudsman allows ensuring a systematic approach to solve current problems of investors, identify systemic problems in the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as take preventive measures to resolve controversial issues without bringing them to trial.This is another kind of platform for dialogue with investors, designed to protect their rights and interests in extrajudicial and pre-trial procedures. As part of the investment ombudsman KAZAKH INVEST:

  • Considers investors' appeals on issues arising in the course of investment activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan, and makes recommendations for their resolution, including interacting with government bodies
  • Organizes round tables with the participation of representatives of the Supreme Court, government agencies, investors and the business community on topical issues of improving the investment climate;
  • Develops and makes recommendations to the authorized investment body on improving the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on investment activities (in the areas of migration regime, attraction of foreign labor force, subsoil use, tax and customs legislation, etc.)
  • It conducts work on the implementation of tracking the issues and concerns of investors arising in the course of investment activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan, analyzing the reasons for investors leaving the Kazakhstan market in the CRM investor relations system.

It conducts regular surveys of existing investors for ease of doing business in Kazakhstan in order to assess the satisfaction of investors' interests. At the same time, KAZAKH INVEST has a telephone hotline to support investors at +7 7172-620-620 and 1442 free for Kazakhstan. Any time investors can report of problems they faced during the implementation of investment projects. Also the hotline is working 24/7.

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