West Kazakhstan region is located in the north-west of the country in the eastern part of Europe.

The region’s territory is 151339 sq km. this is 5.6% of the territory of Kazakhstan. The region takes the eighth place in the country in terms of the territory.

The region has 12 districts and Uralsk city. The regional center is in Uralsk city founded in 1613. Some sources specify the year of foundation of the city as 1584. ItwastitledYaitskigorodok. Since1775 thecityisnamedUralsk. The distance between Astana and Uralsk is 1747 km.

The number of population of West Kazakhstan region made 647 thousand people as of the beginning of 2019.


The region borders with two regions of Kazakhstan and five regions of Russia. Thus, West Kazakhstan borders with Orenburg region of Russia in the north, Aktobe region of Kazakhstan in the east, Atyrau region of Kazakhstan and Astrakhan region of Russia in the south, Volgograd and Saratov regions of Russia in the west, Samara region of Russia in the north-west.

The administrative center of the region is the city of Uralsk.

The longest river of the region is 2428 km long Oral (Zhaiyk) River. The length of the River in the territory of Kazakhstan makes 1082 km.

The largest lake is Chelkar (360 sq km) located in Terekti district.

The largest district is Akzhaiyk district with the territory of 25.2 thousand sq km.

The region is located in the central part of Eurasia in the north-west of Kazakhstan. The total length of its border with the Russian Federation is 2423 km.

The landscape of the territory is flat. The altitude decreases from the north-east to the south-west of the region. The region has several districts in accordance with the landscape – Common Szert, Emba Plateau, Caspian Lowland.

The branches of the Common Szyrt and Pre-Urals Plateau are located in the north and north-east of the region.

The highest point of the region is Ichka mountain. Its height is 259 meters above the sea level.


The climate is extremely continental. The winds blow high through the year. Dry hot winds are very frequent in the summer.  

The average temperature of January is -14, July - +25.

The annual precipitation is 250 mm in the south of the region and 400 mm in the north.  

Economy of region

West Kazakhstan region is an agro-industrial region of the country. The regional economy is based on the industrial productions. ItsshareintheGRPmakes 55.1%.

The ore mining sector has the biggest share in the real sector of the economy – 90%. The processing industry’s share makes 7.7%, electricity, gas, heat supply and air conditioning – 1.9%, water supply, sewerage system, control over collection and processing of wastes – 0.4%.

The processing industry is mostly presented by the food production (33.5%), oil products (25.9%), engineering productions (16.3%), metallurgical industry (5.6%).

The agricultural sector of the region specializes in production of grain and animal products. Alongside with the grain, the region plants oil and cereals products, potato, vegetables, melons and fruits.

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