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Akim of WKO Gali Iskaliev met with the Extraordinary Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Kazakhstan Jun Yamada

Akim of WKO Gali Iskaliev met with the Extraordinary Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Kazakhstan Jun Yamada

During the meeting, the emphasis was placed on promising projects for implementation in the region.

In his welcoming speech, Gali Iskaliev noted the high significance of the first visit of Mr. Ambassador to the region.

- 30 years of diplomatic relations between our countries. We regard your visit as an opportunity to raise the level of business relations and cultural ties. We are ready to provide all kinds of support to Japanese entrepreneurs who want to work in Kazakhstan or through our country would like to enter the markets of the Russian Federation and other states, - said the akim of WKO.

Mr. Ambassador stressed that he continues to actively attract the attention of Japanese investors to WKO after the previous online meeting of the regional akim with Japanese investors.

In WKO, Mr. Jun Yamada got acquainted with the projects to equip the regional multidisciplinary hospital and the Zhangalinsky Central District Hospital with medical equipment within the framework of the grant program of the Government of Japan "KUSANONE (Grass roots)".

Today WKO has an interest in the supply of medical equipment fr om Japan. Work is underway to determine the necessary medical equipment for the region for the next 3 years. The contract will be signed for 3 years with the obligatory condition of servicing the devices.

The Ambassador was also offered to study the issue of obtaining by Japanese investors a land plot for production on 900 hectares, 40 km fr om the border with the Russian Federation along the Uralsk-Samara-Moscow highway - part of the international transit corridor. All the necessary infrastructure has been installed here. Land leases can be up to 49 years with a further extension.

“We have also begun work on the creation of an Industrial Zone of 280 hectares, wh ere it is planned to create a bond warehouse,” the regional akim said.

For example, if residents of different regions of Russia and Kazakhstan purchase Japanese products on the Internet, then the delivery of goods can be carried out fr om this warehouse. That is, within 24 hours the goods can be delivered to Samara, Kazan, Astrakhan and a number of other cities of the Russian Federation, as well as to the regions of Kazakhstan.

It should be noted that about 26 million people live within a radius of 700 km from the region. and there are dozens of industrial regions.
In addition, the Uralsk airport is being completed today, wh ere investors plan to install a cargo terminal on 26 hectares, so it will be possible to bring any cargo.

The region has a high potential of the agribusiness. Today there are about 800 thousand head of cattle, 250 thousand head of horses and 1.4 million head of small cattle. Work is underway to increase the quantity and quality of pedigree cattle. The project of a meat-packing plant near the districts wh ere the largest livestock is raised may become interesting for investors.

Mr. Ambassador noted that horse meat is a delicacy in Japan and assured that he would advise investors to visit the region and see for themselves the quality of livestock, natural products and the presence of livestock in their natural environment.

At the end of the meeting, the parties expressed mutual confidence that the result of the meeting would be long-term cooperation through the implementation of new joint investment projects.

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