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Investments in agriculture

Investments in agriculture

In his speeches, the Head of State K.K. Tokayev regularly focuses on the need to address the issue of food security, noting that against the background of rising food prices around the world, Kazakhstan should develop its agriculture. At the briefing of the Regional Communications Service, Akim of the Taskalinsky district Bauyrzhan Aitmagambetov told in what directions active work is being carried out in the territory entrusted to him.

From year to year, the acreage in the district is increasing, the number of people employed in agriculture is growing.

But the main guarantee of the development of the district's economy is the attraction of investments. 9 investment projects totaling 1 billion 247 million tenge are being implemented in the district. In particular, the "Feedlot" of Taskala-ET BKO LLP works. Currently, the design capacity has been increased to 7,500 heads, 12 permanent jobs have been created.

"Taskala Marka" LLP is implementing a project for the construction of a feedlot for the cultivation of small cattle. The project cost is 200 million tenge.

According to the "Implementation Plan of the roadmap for the creation of a dairy belt for 2022-2025", Luch LLP, Argymak Farm and Nur Farm sell their dairy products in the district and region. In addition, the farms "Konys" and "Amanbayev", LLP "Brother M" and SEC "Dostyk Agro" are implementing 4 projects totaling 147.5 million tenge, 4 milk production projects.

In order to resolve the issue of organizing the reception and processing of wool and animal skins in the area of IP "Gimetdinova" intends to open a workshop for processing wool, leather and milk. For these purposes, through an auction, this individual entrepreneur received 5 hectares of land. The project cost is 200 million tenge.

It is planned to build a vegetable storage facility in Aktau rural district of Taskalinsky district. The project is intended to be implemented by "Aktau Auyly" LLP in 2023. The project cost is 200 million tenge.

In accordance with the instructions of the akim of the region, the implementation of the Green Belt project has been launched in the region this year. In the Taskalinsky district, 252 hectares of vegetable gardens were sown as part of the project. Of these, 107 hectares of potatoes, 115 hectares of vegetables, 30 hectares of melons were sown.

315 residents of the district took part in the project "My Yard – my Garden" in 2021, about 9 thousand trees were planted, 9615 seedlings of fruit and berry trees are planned to be planted this year. In total, 6172 trees were planted in the spring, including 2925 apple trees, 150 plums, 3235 raspberry bushes, 3305 other fruit and berry plantations.

In April of this year, as a result of negotiations with the suburban cooperatives of Uralsk, fairs for the sale of fruit trees were organized three times in the district center and Chizhinsky rural district. In total, 937 seedlings of fruit and berry crops were sold at the fair.

One of the topical issues in the field of horticulture is the rational use of water. For this purpose, explanatory work is constantly carried out in the district among farms. Currently, in order to use water economically, the farms "Shevchenko", "Ishangaliev" and "Kireev" use drip irrigation for watering 15.5 hectares of gardens and vegetable gardens.

In order to carry out landscaping works in the area, the Zhasyl Aimak program has been developed. As part of the program, it is planned to plant seedlings on 1100 hectares, in the spring 5,500 tree seedlings have already been planted on 1.6 hectares. This year, work has begun in the district on registration of land plots for the creation of a branch of the regional forestry institution.

Zhadyger Kusainov,

Source: Akimat of West-Kazakhstan region

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